Applied Technology

Data-driven insight.
Driving informed decisions.



• Data Acquisition

• Data Management

• Data Analytics

• Data Visualization


• Remote Sensing

Data-driven insight.
Driving informed decisions.


At E & E, we’re working to identify opportunities to apply technology to support accurate decision-making, so clients can move projects forward quickly and confidently. We do that by breaking down data silos to increase efficiencies and shorten response times, and by providing nimble access to assets and resources to reveal opportunities to improve business processes.

E & E invests in truly understanding our clients’ issues and objectives, and we utilize both custom tools and off-the-shelf solutions that empower our integrated project team to ask new questions, spot trends, identify opportunities, and make data-guided decisions with confidence. We leverage innovative data-first solutions that can be accessed across multiple platforms to visualize, map, and analyze complicated information in user-friendly formats.

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