Gas Storage

Natural gas storage facilities play an integral long-term role in responding to increased demand during peak periods.  While volatility in short-term supply, demand and natural gas prices have affected capital investment and schedules for storage facility developers, the long-term outlook for natural gas demand is strong. Additional storage capacity provides key advantages and benefits to expanding mid-stream infrastructure. In this dynamic industry environment, expedited permitting for new or expanded storage facilities is critical, and adhering to tight schedules for firm in service dates when conducting open seasons and executing shipper agreements can give developers a needed edge.

Because we know the industry and regulatory environments, we effectively communicate and integrate engineering design and operations requirements into environmental permit applications and we have established working relationships with regulators at the local, state and federal level, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. E & E brings 40 years of energy industry experience and a proactive, collaborative approach to our work for gas storage clients.  Our multidisciplinary team works with the sponsor, agencies and stakeholders to identify and resolve issues early in project development, avoiding later surprises and major changes affecting siting, design, permitting and cost.  

We have worked on all phases of gas storage work, from early planning feasibility studies through construction and operations monitoring and we have the depth and numbers of resources to meet peak periods of key activity to help clients meet critical schedule mileposts.

  • Environmental Site Assessments and Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Environmental Surveys
  • Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Regulatory Applications, ERs, EAs, EISs, EIAs
  • Environmental Permitting 
  • Social & Health Impact Assessments
  • Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Management and Mitigation Plans
  • Compliance Monitoring and Inspection 
  • Remediation
  • Web Services
  • GIS Support