To meet the challenges of discovering, producing, and transporting crude oil and natural gas in deeper water and sensitive areas, the need for solid environmental planning has never been greater.  With the migration of investment activity to remote areas, additional infrastructure – ports, services bases, pipelines, health, and other facilities – must often be developed concurrently.

By effectively managing the environmental review process, we save our clients time and money. As an integral member of the project development team, E & E works collaboratively with design engineers, contractors, compliance, legal, and other experts to conduct detailed studies and prepare plans needed to acquire environmental approvals and meet overall project objectives.  

Our knowledge of national and international environmental issues and regulations for offshore exploration, development, operations, and decommissioning as well as deep-water port development and vessel navigation and safety has served our clients in developing projects in areas as diverse as the Gulf of Mexico, California, Brazil, West Africa, Indonesia, and the Middle East. 

  • Siting and Feasibility Studies
  • Agency Consultations and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Regulatory Evaluations and Strategy Development
  • FERC and BOEMRE Offshore Renewable Energy Applications 
  • USCG Deepwater Port License Applications
  • Project Environmental Assessments/Studies
  • Third-Party EISs for Federal/State Agencies
  • Coastal Zone Management Consistency Evaluations
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys/Consultations
  • Fisheries and Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) Studies/Consultations
  • Ichthyoplankton Surveys
  • Marine Benthic Surveys
  • Air Emissions Evaluations/Permit Applications
  • Air Emissions Modeling
  • Water Discharge Evaluations/Permit Applications
  • Discharge Plume Modeling
  • Marine Risk and Safety Studies
  • Marine Vessel Traffic Studies