CAMPS/NZP – An Integrated Approach to Achieving Net Zero

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is demonstrating new planning technology that integrates two proven software tools to help installations meet tougher sustainability requirements and work toward achieving Net Zero installations.

Incorporate Sustainability Measures Into Energy Master Planning

Installations must now develop Sustainability Component Plans that help master planners identify long-term conservation measures to reduce energy, water, and waste. That means comprehensive collection, modeling, and analysis for vast data sets and identification and analysis of implementation costs for each energy-saving scenario.






Integrate, Automate, Visualize

E & E worked closely with the USACE Fort Worth District at Fort Hood and Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickman to integrate our Comprehensive Asset Master Planning Solution (CAMPS)—an award-winning, Web-based data management application initially developed to help Fort Hood manage, plan, and model facility utilization—with the Department of Defense (DOD) Net Zero Planner (NZP) system, which synthesizes monitoring and modeling data.


By combining the systems into one solution, installations can take advantage of automated data import, powerful visualization tools, analysis, optimization, and forecasting of energy trends at an installation level.







Faster, Easier Decision-Making

Our collaboration with USACE resulted in a user-friendly tool that goes beyond basic monitoring of energy data towards visualization of energy flows, allowing for greater understanding of where facilities stand against benchmarks. With the automatic import of building, utility meter, and GIS data into CAMPS/NZP, personnel have significantly reduced the time and resources required to conduct facility or installation-level planning studies.


USACE Fort Worth, for example, was able to complete a Sustainability Plan in one week rather than the typical one to three months. The USACE intends to utilize the tool at installations across the country as DOD continues its efforts to reach Net Zero.


The successful USACE/E & E collaboration has resulted in numerous awards:

 - 2016 Sustanability Award for Green Innovation

- 2016 GreenGov Presidential Award for Green Innovation

- 2017 APA Citation Award in the Outstanding Federal Planning Program category


“The really exciting part about this project was the enthusiastic buy-in by the installation team members as they worked with the Combined Tools and were able to visualize the alternative investment strategies available to them to cost-effectively meet their mission goals.”

ERDC Program Manager and Project Manager


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