Committed to your success

Whether it's a government agency that needs to design a more resilient infrastructure or a project developer whose success depends on meeting regulatory requirements and public expectations, our clients count on us for strategic advice and responsive service. We work to anticipate the future for our clients. By developing specialized technologies, we are getting better data to clients in real time. We strive to be ready with ideas and strategies to help our clients meet any challenge they may face.





 Committed to helping each other succeed

We recognize that when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. Our unique organizational structure allows us to draw resources from across our company. That means we have an understanding of the key strengths we all bring to the table to help our clients achieve their goals. It also means we continually learn from one another, through both formal knowledge-sharing presentations and through our daily informal conversations. No divisions. No silos. Together, those conversations build trust. And that trust allows us to share ideas, collaborate, and deliver truly innovative results for our clients.





 Committed to sharing our time and talent

Our commitment to making a better, healthier, more sustainable world doesn't end when we leave the office. E & E attracts people who are curious, smart, hardworking, and naturally drawn to getting involved in efforts to make the communities in which we live and work stronger. In all of our communities, you can find us rolling up our sleeves to help. Whether it's a river cleanup, a commuting challenge, a charity road race, a find-a-cure fundraiser, or an environmental education effort, we know that our communities are stronger when each one of us steps up and gets involved.


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