Transformative restoration practices that fuel community resiliency and promote ecological sustainability

An effective restoration plan is tied tightly to community resilience and ecological sustainability. Our clients push for projects that directly benefit our communities—like energy, remediation, and infrastructure projects—that can also adversely impact the natural environment. We see this is an opportunity to build back better.

E & E’s holistic approach to restoration means we don’t just return the land to its previous state, but identify measures that improve and enhance the ecosystem. We bring together experts in ecology, landscape design, infrastructure, and community resilience to provide creative solutions that solve an immediate need while also addressing future scenarios associated with climate change and sea level rise. Our work demonstrates that smart restoration protects both human and natural resources, resulting in more resilient infrastructure and ecosystems.


• Habitat Evaluation & Protection Strategies

• Invasive Species Management

• Revegetation Planning

• Integrated Natural Resource Management

• Ecological Risk Assessment

• Sediment & Erosion Control Planning

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