An integrated approach that considers the totality of water resources planning

Water supply and quality and watershed management issues are becoming increasingly intertwined as communities face mounting difficulties ensuring future resources. Water resource projects present diverse challenges ranging from complex hydrologic systems to highly charged political issues and solutions must address stakeholder concerns, water rights, permitting requirements, ecosystem sustainability, public health, water supply, water quality, and economic feasibility.

As a leading authority on multidisciplinary planning, E & E develops effective solutions to water resource management issues. Our highly skilled professionals are ready to meet today’s water challenges with innovative approaches and fresh ideas that save time and money for our clients. We’ve effectively managed technically complex and politically controversial projects using our streamlined approach to data management, stakeholder involvement, and environmental analysis.


• Integrated Watershed Management

• Alternative Water Supply Planning

• Water Policy

• Surface and Groundwater Modeling

• Data Management and Analyses

• Water Quality Assessments/Monitoring

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